BBQ Sauces & Rubs

DSC00097new1.jpg Kingsfords Rib Sauce
Kingsfords Rib Sauce is a Kansas City favorite. It has a cinnamon and allspice blend which makes it a good compliment to ribs or other pork products. Also great on brisket. 18 oz.
DSC00099new1.jpg Kingsfords Hot Barbecue Sauce
Kingsfords Hot Barbecue Sauce is warm and spicy. Good compliment for those who don't like a sweet sauce. Great on chicken and hamburgers. Great steak sauce. A must for baked beans. 18 oz.
DSC00098new1.jpg Kingsfords Mild Barbecue Sauce
Kingsfords Mild Barbecue Sauce is spicy. Good compliment to chicken and hamburgers. Same taste as our Kingsfords Hot Barbecue just milder. 18 oz.
DSC00100new1.jpg Kingsfords Select Rub
Kingsfords Select Seasoning is award winning. It is a great product for on and off the grill. Chef's use the product for all their needs. Use on barbecue meats, (hamburgers, too), fries, salads, soups, and breads. 8 oz.
DSC00101new1.jpg Kingsfords Chicken Rub
Kingsfords Chicken Rub is great used in the oven and on the grill. It's the product to use when you want to add heat to your meats. Makes great hot wings. Also excellent when you want to add heat to any other foods. Good on vegetables in the oven. 8 oz.